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Kwame, inmate #702408 Strikes Out !!

by on May 26, 2010

Former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick steps up to the plate…Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy eyes the batter at the defense table, it’s a fast ball, STRIKE ONE…

Kwame lies under oath and flaunts a judge’s authority, ignoring his obligation to the court and the City of Detroit with a lack of humility and arrogance.

The wind-up again, this time a change-up…Kwame signs an affidavit, swings and a miss, STRIKE TWO…

Kwame decides to live a lavish lifestyle in Texas, accepting gifts of more than $200,000 in cash and prizes, only to be squandered on a Hollywood mansion and plastic surgery for his scorned wife. But redemption is never found under a veil of deceit and perjury.

One more chance for a home run, a chance for deliverance and forgiveness…

The prosecutor winks at the umpire, winds up…it’s a knuckle ball! Kwame tries to step into the ball only to get hit by the pitch, falls on his own bat and lands on his ass. STRIKE THREE.

Kwame blames his entire fall from grace on his extramarital affair and how the press and life have treated him. Nothing is his fault – everyone else is to blame for his downfall. He gets 18 months in PRISON and emancipation from his own cloudy truth.


Detroit 1  Kwame 0

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One Comment
  1. He may be BIG in his physical stature but he is so very SMALL as a human being
    He has truly ruined his life ……………what a pity!!
    Love your analogy with baseball…so clever!!!

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